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BF3 Fact Sheet

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BF3 Fact Sheet

Post by Jroo19 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:14 pm


As well as the usual 'Conquest' and 'Rush' modes there will be 'Team Deathmatch' for an instant action fix!

Co-op Campaign: Unique maps & missions for players to tackle online with a friend. Co-op missions tie into the Single player ones

Powerful Social Features in Battlelog: The FREE community where you can communicate with other gamers and compare stats against your friends and foes.

Frostbite 2: Bringing a whole new level of life like destruction, Enhanced large and small scale destruction now has a tactical purpose, chip away at the cover or blow a hole in the wall, destroy and deform the terrian and bring down whole building facades on enemies.

Personalised Dog Tags: Design your own dogtags from dynamically tracked stats that represent your play style. This tag will be displayed to defeated players.

The Physical Battlefield: Use the environment to your advantage, deploy your machine gun bipod on mountable surfaces to increase accuracy, Claim your enemies dogtags with skillful knife take downs, Lay down suppresive fire to resrict your enemies combat capabilities.

Rewards: There is going to be new ranks, weapons, upgrades, tools and ribbons to keep unlocking for years to come.

•Epic scale vehicle & infantry warfare
•Infantry only close quarters combat
•Destructable environment
•Customizable soldiers, kits, weapons & vehicles
•Quick reloads
•Multiple firing modes
•Reviving team mates (now with opt out option)
•Vehicles with regenerating health
•Infantry only game setting
•Hardcore game setting


Assault Rifles


Machine Guns
•M27 IAR

Sniper Rifles

Battle Rifles

Submachine Guns

•Saiga 20k

Rocket & Grenade Launchers
•FIM-92 Stinger
•M136 AT4

•PYa MP443


•RDS Reflex
•8x Rifle Scope
•12x Ballistic


•Heavy Barrel
•Tactical light
•Laser Sight
•Flash Suppressor
•Straight Pull Bolt

Underbarrel Weaponry
•M320 40mm Grenades
•M320 Buckshot
•M320 Smoke Grenade
•M20 MASS 12 guage
•M20 MASS Flechettes
•M20 MASS Frag Round
•M20 MASS Solid Slugs

Soldier Equipment
•M67 Hand Grenades
•M18 smoke grenades
•M15 Anti-Tank Mine
•Welding Tool
•EOD Bot
•60mm Mortar
•Ammo Box
•C4 explosives
•M18 Claymore Mines
•UG Sensor
•Radio Beacon
•MAV Micro UAV

Soldier Specializations
•Sprint Boost
•Squad Sprint Boost
•Flak Vest
•Squad Flak Vest
•EOD Expl Vest
•Squad EOD Expl Vest
•Suppression reduction
•Squad Suppression reduction
•Marksman training
•Squad Marksman training
•Extra Grenades
•Squad Extra Grenades
•Extra Ammo
•Squad Extra Ammo

Fast transport
•Growler ITV
•VDV Buggy

Armoured transport
•G3937 Vodnik

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Mobile Anti-Air
•9K22 Tunguska-M

Main Battle Tanks
•M1 Abrams

Scout Helicopters
•AH-6J Littlebird
•Z-11 W

Transport Helicopters
•UH-1Y Venom
•KA-60 Kasatka

Attack Helicopters
•AH-1Z Super Cobra
•MI-28 Havoc

Fighter Jets
•F/A-18E Super Hornet
•SU-35BM Flanker-E

Attack Jets
•A-10 Thunderbolt

Naval Transport

Naval Assault


•Coaxial MG
•Coaxial HMG
•Canister Shells
•Guided Shells
•Zoom Optics
•Thermal optics
•IR Smoke
•Reactive Armor
•Belt Speed
•Thermal Camo
•Auto Loader
•Proximity Scan
•CITV Station
•ATGM Launcher
•APFSDS-T shells
•Guided Rockets
•Air Radar
•Laser Painter
•TV Missile
•IR Flares
•ECM jammer
•Rocket Guidance System
•Below Radar
•Guided Missile
•Beam Scanner

There will be 9 maps including Caspian Border and Metro.



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Re: BF3 Fact Sheet

Post by Jroo19 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:03 pm

EA has confirmed via Twitter that their upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3, will include a server browser in their console version. A server browser will allow people to choose which server they would like to play on and which servers generally give them the best response.

This is great for people who have slow connections, as now they can choose a server near them to get the best online experience. On the other hand I hope they still have the pick up and play option, as Battlefield is know for is simplicity to play online. So for the non experienced gamer having to choose a server now might give them the best experience of the game.



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Re: BF3 Fact Sheet

Post by Jroo19 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:23 pm

Battlefield 3 has made some changes to the way spawning works, for instance instead of being able to spawn off any member of the squad you can now only spawn on the squad leader.
Dice mentioned that they would be developing a new addition to the spawning system to help players who couldn’t get into a squad or if the squad leader wasn’t on the Battlefield, however they never mentioned what this addition would be.
Dice’s Gameplay Designer, Gustav Halling may have revealed this new addition via twitter;
“…play as recon and put out a radio beacon to spawn on…..Free choice for everyone!”
It appears that this radio beacon will act as a portable spawn point that can be put down by the Recon class and will allow the whole squad to spawn on it as opposed to going all the way back to base.



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Re: BF3 Fact Sheet

Post by Sponsored content

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